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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Living Presidents Speak Out About Google Fake Listings & Research

Google recently released and touted their research on fake listings in Google Maps. While their may have been a few problems with the research and quibbling about the details, I wanted authoritative voices as to its worth. I reached out to the living past and soon to be past presidents1 and asked2 them.

“It depends on your definition of fake, but I found the research very interesting”.



 “The research was very, very special and very, very nice. We have some bad hombres here and with my help Google’s gonna get ’em out”.


“Intelligence gathered by this and other Google research leaves no doubt that the fake listings possessed and concealed some of the most awful spam ever devised. Google has been been very candid about their past. They found the weapons causing this abuse and destroyed them”.

“Read my lips, if Google says no new spam, it means no new spam”.



“I’ve looked on a lot of spam with lust. I’ve created fake listings in my heart many times. I am glad it was just in my heart or Google would have suspended me. Or maybe not since I was a lawyer”.


“During my administration, Google signed into effect the biggest fake listing cut in history”.



1 – Who knew that Bush One was still alive?  I had to do this search Is Is George Bush 1 still alive and verified that he was by reading  Wikipedia. There is a even a Snopes article on the topic George H.W. Bush Death Hoax  and a piece  in the Onion: Bush Dies Peacefully In His Sleep covering his demise. 

2 – OK I didn’t really. But if you are going to be in the fake news business I figure go big or stay at home. I always thought that it was the famous propagandist Goebbels who noted “the bigger the lie the better” but apparently that was not the case. It has been falsely attributed to him. This fake stuff is hard to keep track of.  There is a certain “meta-ness” to discovering that a quote by the most famous fake news master is fake while researching and writing a fake news article about a fake story on fake listings.