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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Super Bowl Search Result – A Turkish Bazaar of Ambiguity AND Google’s Intentions

Given my love of professional sports, at least once a year I post a sports oriented post … of sorts. It was recently noted that Google was now including a faceted interface on mobile recipes to allow a user to select a specific type of recipe.

In honor of the Super Bowl I searched for chicken wings on my iPhone and got this Turkish Grand Bazaar (bizarre?) search result. It includes just about every new & old search result possible…. all on one page. It has more facets, amps, carousels, universal search results, articles, knowledge graphs and discover more places than one sports fan can take in.

Positions 1,2*,3,5,7, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17 (depending on what you count) take you to additional Google results or Google hosted content. Yelp got positions 4 and 6 while part of 2, 8,9, 12-14 also went off site.

A count of the links shows that 37 went elsewhere on Google. In addition there were 7 carousels which could be swept left for more Google results. 1 link allowed you to share a Google result on other services. 13 of the links, most without photos, went off site to another website. And this count does not include the any left to right scrolling that takes place in the carousels which would add additional clicks for Google.

I am sure that if you analyzed this result on a % of space allocated basis the bias towards Google hosted results would be similar or even greater.

This result certainly falls squarely into the category of turkish bizarre. Maybe Google does in fact understand my ambiguity vis a vis the Super Bowl and chicken wings?

Regardless these search results send the very clear signal that Google “owns” the mobile organic results. The opportunities in these sorts of results are diminishing unless of course you are Google.

*2 – I counted the faceting as a separate search result (#1) and the carousel at position 2 could take a user off site or back to Google depending on their choice.