Google Reviews Just Got Easier – No G+ Required

It appears (h/t Conrad O’Connell via David Mihm) ) that Google now allows reviews to be left with just a Google account and is no longer requiring the use of a Google Plus.

This appears to be true across all browsers on both mobile and desktop. Read the whole store at GetFiveStars.


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Google Reviews Just Got Easier - No G+ Required by

3 thoughts on “Google Reviews Just Got Easier – No G+ Required”

  1. This is great news. Only took Google ~4 years.

    I guess it’s now even a little easier to write bogus Google reviews, but making it easier for legit reviews to speak up is a worthy trade-off, in my opinion.

    Thanks for reporting, Mike.

    1. @Phil GPlus didn’t have to be a cl&$!3r f&@k but it was. It’s good to finally have this thorn removed from local. That being said with Plus when a user abused reviews they would banish the Plus user and their reviews but leave the Gmail account intact. Not sure what they will do now and as you point abuse is likely to increase.

  2. Hmmm, I would think they’re tracking the IP of where reviews are coming from along with velocity and the other reviews the bogus account might have. There seems to be a lot of reviews coming from this one IP address = red flag.

    Super stoked for this update though, as Phil said it’s a great trade off.

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