Is Google Finally Nuking Unverified Plus Pages?

When Google ripped  Local out of Google Plus last summer and stopped linking to Plus, they noted that the unverified Plus pages (what Google called “shell” pages) would be removed. That never seemed to happen but it might just be starting now.

Removing the Plus Pages must have been a difficult process with a few too many dependencies and those local Plus pages seemed to hang around. It would appear that at least some of those pages are starting to be removed and the Plus pages redirected to the equivalent location in Google Maps.

Jay, a Streetview Trusted photographer, has  provide a number of examples of Plus pages that now redirect to Maps. According to Jay some of them went to the Plus page as recently as mid February. All of them note that Google is redirecting the page to Maps.

Google search for Raven Theater

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Is Google Finally Nuking Unverified Plus Pages? by

8 thoughts on “Is Google Finally Nuking Unverified Plus Pages?”

  1. Bingo Mike:

    Its replicable for an unverified business in my area too!

    Search for sites: Bäckerei Wulff Hoppegarten Hoppegartener Str. 6

    getting then

    Bäckerei Wulff – About – Google+…/about
    Translate this page
    Bäckerei Wulff hasn’t shared anything on this page with you. … Bäckerei Wulff. Hoppegartener Str. 6 15366 Neuenhagen bei Berlin. +49 3342 23480.
    and the result is linked to just

  2. Hi Mike one more (important) point as we figured out in Germany:

    unverified business pages having today marked as closed and getting the “nuking” process already won’t show up on Google with the bloody “permantly closed” red banner anymore.
    Just don’t get a Knowledge Banner at all.

    If this is a replicable behavior from now on it would be really great

  3. @Mike

    this was the sample

    But my search string was not the best option

    when I posted the “news” I searched for “hans niendorf +49 33741 324” –
    However searching for
    “hans niendorf 14913 Niedergörsdorf” I still get the red banner.

    Means I have to withdraw my “news” fro now 🙁

  4. The Raven Theatre Google+ page shows up fine for me. Ethiopian Diamond redirects back to Google Maps with a “claim this business” link, so it appears to be unclaimed now. It’s an annoying step if, like me, you manage many accounts for various clients as logging into the My Business backend on a regular basis has become a priority.

    I started to first see this a few months ago with taxi clients I’ve had for several years.

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