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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Are Phone Numbers Returning to the 3 Pack?

Jennifer Slegg of theSEMPost is reporting the return of phone numbers to the Local 3 Pack results. I am not yet seeing them on my Mac with Safari, Chrome or Firefox although some others are reporting seeing them. Update: As of about 5:00 pm eastern they were showing world wide. 

Certainly their return would prove a boon to those dependent on calls for their sustenance like emergency plumbers etc and from a user POV I welcome them. It isn’t clear to me if this is the new normal (whatever the f%&k that means) or a broad test. Are you seeing them? If so what browsers?

I only wish I were a fly on the logs of the search results so I could see and know what Google sees and knows about user behaviors.

Courtesy of theSEMPost
Update: In small surveys across Google Plus and Twitter as to whether and where 3-pack with the phone # is being seen or not:

They were seen by folks searching from/located in in Calif, NV, AZ, Japan and Austria.

They were not seen by those searching in FL, NY, Pa, Seattle, Austin, Chicago, DC area, Toronto or the UK.

The results are dependent on physical searcher location NOT the location setting in search. However given the spread and frequency of visibility my current money is on a rollout not a test. Rollout in the sense of testing for the next 3 months or so as opposed to testing this week.