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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Survey: Why do Customers Leave Reviews for Local Businesses?

I have always wondered about triggers and motives that lay beneath consumer’s desire to leave reviews for local merchants. Fortunately large scale consumer research is now relatively cheap and easy with Google Surveys.

I just published the first summary of my search into the question, When and Why do Consumers Leave Reviews for Local Businesses at the GetFiveStars blog.

Using Google Survey filtering question, we first surveyed 2685 consumers to ascertain their review frequency. We then asked the 30% that indicated that they have leave at least one review in the past 12 months for a local business to answer in their own words as to why.

The results are interesting and are the first in a coming series of consumer and business research as to attitudes towards reviews that we will be running at GetFiveStars.*

*Disclaimer: I am a founder, owner and employee of GetFiveStars so any pride or other bias is to be understood.