Apple Maps Now Testing TripAdvisor and Reviews

It appear that Apple, at least in the hotel world, is testing the use of reviews beyond their traditional partner Yelp.

AppleInsider reported this morning the appearance of reviews from TripAdvisor and on a limited number of hotel listings within Apple Maps.




It makes sense that Apple would expand their review partnership beyond Yelp. While Yelp has a great many reviews in restaurants, their presence in hotels is not as expansive as either or TripAdvisor.

What is not clear is if this a test or a final solution. There are, more questions than answers. It is an option for certain hotel chains, will TA reviews will just be used on hotels and will, at some point in the future, multiple review sources show?

This does though show how Apple, unlike Google, will partner with market leaders rather than trying to either take the reviews unbidden and not compete directly by trying to do it themselves. Its not that they wouldn’t do it themselves if it becomes necessary or beneficial to do so, its just not the default setting.

If you have Apple Maps on your desktop this link will take you to an example.

Greg Sterling has good coverage of this move vis a vis international searches and notes that TA and are predominantly visible outside the US.  He notes:

A search for “restaurants, Prague” or “restaurants, Mexico City” show Yelp results, while restaurant searches in most European capitals show TripAdvisor content. It’s not clear whether Yelp is simply better in these cities or whether Apple hasn’t yet gotten around to replacing the Yelp content.

It goes on: a search for “hotels, Vienna Austria” displays reviews from while “museums, Vienna Austria” continues to show Yelp results.

Yelp has good European restaurant reviews coverage. However in a majority of cases Apple appears to have entirely replaced them with TripAdvisor reviews. Yet TripAdvisor probably has more comprehensive and better hotel reviews coverage than It strikes me as odd that Apple would use instead of TripAdvisor for hotel reviews — unless the capacity to book directly through the latter is being valued. (TripAdvisor is predominantly a lead-gen site for other booking services.)

TripAdvisor has always been important to hotel operators but now it must become a new focus for restaurants outside the US (if it wasn’t already). And gains new prominence among hotel review sites.

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2 thoughts on “Apple Maps Now Testing TripAdvisor and Reviews”

  1. Mike: That was an interesting report by Greg. Apple is admittedly big. While Apple choosing Yelp to show all its reviews strikes me in one way as a counter move to google + reviews, Apple is large enough on its own to choose which review sites it wishes to highlight and which review sites give its visitors the best experience.

    Any review site that gets highlighted by Apple will benefit. Its not just Google’s world. Its also Apple’s world, its Amazon’s world, and its Facebook’s world. They are all large enough to make decisions and employ “allies” that can be beneficial to those sites.

    One extraordinary stat on Apple is that when while Android might dominate in overall market share for smart phone’s its Apple’s customer’s that far out purchase Android’s customer’s on a per consumer basis, and by a large amount.

    Should Apple choose to diversify its sources of reviews, the various “winners” will be big winners. Its an interesting development.

  2. Why not have both, yelp and tripadvisor reviews at one place? Will it become an expensive proposition for Apple? If a restaurant has been favorably reviewed in both tripadvisor and yelp then it would turn out to be more reliable and thus benefit a potential visitor more.

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