Yahoo: All I Want For Christmas is the Ability to Remove Dupes – All I Got was a Christmas Card

Yahoo sees fit to send me a Christmas card. My Christmas message to Yahoo: Save the Bandwidth and FIX YOUR PRODUCT.

There was a post in the Local U Forum the other day pleading for help with dupes at Yahoo. Here was Nyagoslav’s response:

There is currently no way to remove duplicate listings on Yahoo! Local in a straightforward manner.

The only two options would be:

1) Remove or update the incorrect listing on the source site (most frequently ExpressUpdate, Localeze, or Yelp). Wait for the new information to make its way to Yahoo’s local business database again, and hope that they will match this updated information with the outdated one, and will eventually update their outdated record. This might take… quite a while

2) Claim the incorrect duplicate listing and then cancel it (see here how to do that). This, again, might take some time, especially if the only verification option might be “by postcard”, but it could very well be faster and safer than method 1 above. Of course, you would still need to make sure the business information is accurate on all the data source sites, too.”

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 11.30.09 AM



Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Yahoo: All I Want For Christmas is the Ability to Remove Dupes - All I Got was a Christmas Card by

10 thoughts on “Yahoo: All I Want For Christmas is the Ability to Remove Dupes – All I Got was a Christmas Card”

  1. I have found Yahoo! Local to be very easy to set up, but extremely frustrating to actually get implemented. The post cards often take 60+ days and getting them to appear in results pages can take even longer.

  2. We’ve been hammering on this problem for awhile with little results. Happily, though, there has been a recent development — Yahoo’s actually linked Y!Maps Help pages to HERE Map Creator, which appears to be like Mapmaker.

    Hopefully this will start to impact Y!Maps very soon. Check it out and cross your fingers:

    We have a few fixes in the Map Creator system; we shall see.

  3. @David
    We have had some recent successes fixing bad road geometry and naming quickly using Here Map Creator but I didn’t think it fixed business names as well…. please let me know if it in fact does.

  4. Good to know!

    We do have a business name fix over at Map Creator but there’s been no change since Dec 9. We also have a slam-dunk fix that didn’t go through — an appliance/furniture rental store that’s labeled as a “car hire”. 🙁

    We’ll keep tabs on it and I’ll let you know if there’s any sign of hope.

  5. My experience with claiming and canceling dup or incorrect listings on Yahoo has only resulted in my losing the claim. The listings themselves stay. Now it is not even possible to report those listings without enrolling in the paid program. This is hugely problematic for the hospital and doctor listings I manage – especially when I cannot get providers or former providers to correct their NPI records.

  6. Been trying to get a listing removed for months now. Yahoo email help is useless, they keep directing me to an outdated help page. The phone support no longer exists, and the morons behind the twitter can’t do anything. I now consider yahoo a terrorist organization.

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