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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Google Sends Out Local Sticker with Sophisticated, Personalized AdWords Solicitation

Sticker BackI just received the this Review Us on Google  window sticker enclosed with a very sophisticated and personalized pitch based on the fact that I had a verified Local listing on Google Plus. The sticker was the hook to open the envelope.

Once opened I was presented with a very slick, individualized piece of literature. The flyer showed a localized, personalized Map declaring that was now on the Map and they embedded our business name front and center.

03-Page 1

As you flipped through to page 2, Google pitched the benefits of showing up for a brand search on “” and having our hours and phone show as a mobile knowledge panel. (Unfortunately for Google it doesn’t unless I add a geo-modifier… alas).

From there Google pitches the idea that I can get category level exposure and keyword search results with… (a clue: its not SEO)…. Adwords.

Despite the ironies of our company not showing on a branded search, it is an incredibly effective piece. Even if the stickers are somewhat lame Google has managed to leverage their Adwords budget to highlight their free local offering and tie two historically independent areas of Google together into a package that sells both things.

Too see scans of the complete piece:

The hook to open the ad was the sitcker
When you pull the flyer out of the envelope our business name was shown through a cut out on the front cover
03-Page 1
Once opened, the flyer inserts our name at the center of a localized map with my location properly pinned.
04-Page 2
The benefits of a branded search on Google from my local listing. A subtle reminder what Google did for zero cost.
05-Page 3
The only problem left to solve? Keyword searches.
Last Page
The answer? An ad.
Last Page 2
Call and save $100
Sticker Front
Opposite side of the sticker.