Google Carousel Now Appearing on Results for “People Also Searched For”

Kerry Fager pointed out a recent post by Alex Cordes where he noted that the Local Carousel was showing for searches on professionals when you clicked through to the “People Also Searched For” results at the bottom of any given Knowledge Panel. It appears that this expanded display of the carousel is happening on almost all general queries that return a 7 pack when you click through to competitor results. I guess Google really does want to make sure that folks also search for some other business and when  they do, the results sure get dressed up.

This points out the need for every business to be sure that their listings look the best they can possibly look with the critical element being the profile photo that shows in their knowledge panel, at the bottom of competitors knowledge panel and now (apparently) in the carousel.

The carousel is tough because it crops the bottom of profile image off in such weird ways it is often tough to get one image that works in all situations. Greg Gifford provides a good tutorial on how Google crops profile photos for the carousel. Given the broad exposure of the Profile photo in the main search results, it is should become a critical engagement point for most businesses and it should be tested as to how well it displays in the full range of Google’s presentation.


Click on any of the “People also search for” results to be presented a carousel of competitors


Whether this is a test or a rollout is unclear but it was on all results that I looked at across browsers with one exception noted below. Thus it appears to be a roll out as I saw it on results for jewelers, car dealers, dentists and many others.

It seems that if you following a given business and select them from the “People also search for” results you are shown their Plus profile and recent post NOT competitors listings.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 4.49.35 PM

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Google Carousel Now Appearing on Results for "People Also Searched For" by

5 thoughts on “Google Carousel Now Appearing on Results for “People Also Searched For””

  1. I am in the process of expanding my Pilates & Gyrotonic business by establishing myself as an expert in the field.
    After seeing your post I am concerned that I have made a critical error. When I chose the domain to use for myself as a professional I did not include Pilates and/or Gyrotonic right after my name as part of the domain. (Example – SuzyJones noticed that several of my colleagues were doing that but I thought Google would consider that keyword stuffing (?) Will I be knocked out of appearing as a Pilates or Gyrotonic Professional.

  2. Nice analysis, Mike.

    Given the relationship between the carousel and the results that show in the KG under “People also search for,” I wouldn’t be surprised if Google started pimping out the latter a little more.

    The way it is now, essentially Google is asking searchers to click on a “People also search for” business based solely on the name of the business and on the photo (often MIA). Why not save clicks and continue to provide a “richer” search experience…

    1. @Phil
      Agreed that this feature is buried and that Google could pimp out the “People also search for” to garner more eyeballs. Certainly Google has never been shy about using any given business’s listing to highlight other businesses.

      It could though be one large real world test. I am sure that if Google finds users who have gone this deep engaging with the Carousel productively, they will just rollout that out perhaps in addition to or instead of doing more with “People also search for”. What is the Carousel but a great big “People also search for”?

  3. Well this is annoying. My client is #1. I roll over her G+ link then click the link to see the Carousel and she’s nowhere to be found in the Carousel. She goes from first to invisible. If people are going to window shop that way, this is definitely going to hurt her. Anyone else seeing that?

    Other that that, I’m loving it and expected it. It’s such a plus for businesses and gives many more the chance to actually get found. And while I like this, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day we see a Masonry layout like Pinterest.

    1. @Kathy
      I assume that what you are seeing is very market and search dependent. It is a “business graph” of related businesses that “People also search for”. In the case of Barbara she is frequently searched in association with the other visible jewelers. In your case, that isn’t so. Whether that is due to geography, popularity, brand recognition I don’t know.

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