Google Paid “Dealers Nearby” Appears to Have Gone Live

This is old news to some but interesting to me. Last week, while I was in Hungary, Dr. Pete reported on Twitter that Google’s new paid ads that appear in car knowledge graph panels has gone live.

It is a dramatic presentation on the desktop.

And even more so on mobile.

Will Google soon be selling competitors space in branded knowledge panels?

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 3.25.50 PM
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Google Paid "Dealers Nearby" Appears to Have Gone Live by

9 thoughts on “Google Paid “Dealers Nearby” Appears to Have Gone Live”

  1. Good reporting, Mike. Thanks. Hadn’t noticed this.

    Seems to me the big upshot of the KG is that Google can pile it high (and low and sideways) with ads without altering the layout of the SERPs. It’s the perfect place to test and monetize on a whim.

    I wonder how the bidding works for these KG ads.

    By the way, it looks like your link goes to the wrong tweet by Dr. Pete.

  2. Not seeing the same thing over here in the UK, must be a US thing.. but nonetheless thanks for pointing this out Mike!

    I think the ‘Dealers Nearby’ is a brilliant idea, but should we have to pay for it to appear? Will this idea start to spread for all types of brands that have physical locations ?

    I do agree with you that Google will eventually introduce a competitors section in the branded knowledge panels, but will they offer an option to remove competitors? but of course you would have to pay

    Thanks again mike!

  3. This is very cool! I was wondering if this was ever going to take off. Thanks for keeping us all updated. Also, here in FL I don’t see the nearby dealers at this time. Hope it will start to show soon.

    PS – The 2 links in your post that take you to Google search use “caRmaro” but it should be “camaro”.

  4. I asked about this at a recent Google partners event but no one from the Google team come up with any definitive answer. Is it just cars as it seems that it has potential for more business types? Travel is one that comes to mind.

    Also apparently it is being used in maps too now.

    1. Google is using the space in the KG for additional information. For example if you look up touring artists you will see their scheduled events embedded. Not monetized yet but it certainly could be.

  5. In Canada, there are the cars in the same area but no ads for dealers nearby, yet thanks for showing us this. I’m not sure I like the idea of competitors showing so predominantly next to adwords I have purchased. I wonder how it will work.

  6. Thanks for reporting on this Mike. I’ve brought this to the attention of our paid search team. Seems like a great use of location based ad services.

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