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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Google Bulk Being Upgraded to Google Plus Capability

Nicolai Helling of the United Digital Group is reporting on Google Plus the upgrade of the Bulk Upload to allow multiple administrators. Apparently this upgrade will add full social functionality as well (the link from the help file is currently not working).

Image from Google Help files

I have not seen this new feature in dashbaords that I have access to. Here is his post in its entirety:

    Multi-Admin for Google Places Bulk Upload becomes reality

With the ability to enable companies to upload location data in a corporate Google account and then authorize another Google account to manage a single location, a feature is going live that has been awaited for a decade in local search!

This development was preceded by lots of smaller changes to the bulk upload tool, that had been long treated as an unwanted offspring. But as the demand from local search experts and businesses for a more robust Google Places bulk upload backend had steadily increased, this step was somewhat overdue.

It is noteworthy that users using the bulk upload have to wait, until Google changes the account to an upgraded account. A good indication for an upgraded account are the new owner status icons in the backend (see attached screenshot).

With the ability to have multiple admins the bulk upload will also use the rights management architecture and the “one claim rule” that is already in use for listings in the Google+ backend and for manually verified locations in the regular Google Places for Business Center.

So to be clear at this point: A company can now upload and manage up to 10.000 locations in one corporate Google account and remains in full control over each listing by adding and removing other Google accounts (i.e. store managers) for single locations at the same time.

Nicolai notes in the comments on a previous post about recent Bulk changes updates to the help file:

There has been an update to the announcement page (

It now lists:

Manage access to your locations by adding and removing managers and transferring location ownership – New!

as a new feature for upgraded accounts!

There is also a new help page about adding and removing admins:

And a new help page about transferring account management (i.e. using a different Google account for managing bulk uploads):

And a new one about transferring ownership on a per location basis:

And another one about requesting ownership on a per location basis:

I think Google is getting serious! :)