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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

One Additonal Reason the Google Knowledge Graph Sucks More

Last summer, I wrote wrote a postย 10 Reasons that the Google Knowledge Graph Sucks More than the Local Graph. Thankfully some of the problems noted in that post have been fixed. Not all of them by any means and the lack of consistency, support and feedback is still a huge bugaboo. That being said I have found one more reason that the Google Knowledge graph sucks more.

This is not a problem that is likely to strike the mom and pop local listing or even the local listing for major brands. But if you are a highly prominent “entity” and have a local presence, it could happen to you. It can totally hose a brand’s image with its quirky bugs:

(click to view larger… all of the funky, Google images are for properties owned by Seaworld)

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 3.15.50 PM

The various and sundry Seaworld theme parks (Busch Gardens, Aquatica, Seaworld etc) fall into this category of business that has both a local listing and a knowledge graph. This is similar to museums, famous art galleries and colleges which are local businesses but also can show knowledge graph results. Some searches bring up their knowledge panel and some bring up their local panel. As best as I can figure out the Knowledge panel has some sort of pipeline that feeds it photos added via the new dashboard. The problem is that if one of these famous local businesses upgrades their listing from local to social, that pipeline seems to break resulting in the display you see above. No warnings, no documentation. Its fun for me to discover a bug, not so much for the business.

The answer when you call local support: “They system will get the photos straightened out…. in about a month”.

So far, it’s been 20 days.

I am not even sure how to refer to Google’s “default” image. Perhaps you could suggest a name.