New Bug Hits G+ Local – Photos MIA

Update 9/22 1:00 pm: Google has fixed this.

Google has confirmed a new bug for G+ Local pages this afternoon: Many uploaded photos are missing in action. They are looking for additional examples so if this has happened to you please report it in this post at the Google for Business Forum. (Thanks to Dr. Paul Parker of Parker Center for Plastic Surgery of NJ for the heads up.)

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
New Bug Hits G+ Local - Photos MIA by

3 thoughts on “New Bug Hits G+ Local – Photos MIA”

  1. In some AU G+ pages, Profile Photo also has this ‘no image’, not only in scrapbook photo.

    I think this exclamatory image is Google’s default ‘image not found’, have seen before in blogger profile image as well

  2. This is actually not a new issue this started about a year and a half ago with blogger. I did a tutorial on fixing it on It has to do with the fact that Google stores all of its images on Picasa its own image database. You need to set your permissions to Public or you will see the error triangles.

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