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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Loci 2011- Andrew Shotland

Most of you are familiar with Andrew Shotland, a well know Local SEO practitioner and author of He has provided his services to numerous media, ecommerce companies, franchises and start-ups including, Amazon,,, The Yellow Pages Group Co. of Canada and many, many other big players (space limitations precludes me from including his whole list :)). He also provides small businesses with search marketing services.

You may (or may not have) also know that, in a past life, he was a founding member of NBC’s Internet group and a former GM of While at NBC, Andrew created NBC-IN, the first national network of local TV station websites. Most recently he was VP Business & Product Development at Insider Pages. In 2011, he launched a partnership with BIA/Kelsey to provide social media consulting services to BIA/Kelsey clients.

What you (and I didn’t know) was that he obviously bleeds Apple 🙂 … Here is his take on influential and meaningful influences in 2011. And meaningful they are.


I am afraid I am too trendy, but if I had to think about what had the most influence over my thinking/actions this year, it’s all Jobs-related. I wish I could say the posts on the Lat/Long blog or from Matt Cutts were as inspiring, thought-provoking or actionable, but some things were not meant to be:

Steve Jobs Stamford Commencement Speech
Best 14 minute investment – Makes you want to get off your ass and do something meaningful

Apple’s Here’s To The Crazy Ones Ad With Jobs Voice Over
Makes you want to get off your ass and do something meaningful, but only takes 60 seconds

Jobs Perspective on Designer Paul Rand
This one is perhaps my favorite because of how Jobs describes Rand’s approach to consulting.

Honorable mentions: – @gruber is one of the best writers on the Web – Horace Dediu is insane. He picks apart business data the way Mike Blumenthal picks apart Google Places – No need for explanation. This URL should 301 to your homepage – best aggregator of interesting stuff. All work and no play, etc. – regardless of whether or not you agree with his opinions, simply one of the best discussions on the Internet
@RakeshLobster – his Groupon stuff is perhaps the most entertaining string of tweets since @RepWeiner tweeted his package