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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Loci 2011: Important Trends in local

loci with pronunciations

1. Particular postions, points or places
2. Centers of activity, attention, or concentration

Loci 2011 is an annual review of the  important articles in Local Search that will be appearing over the next week(s). It is a series that I started at the end of 2008 and this will make its fourth appearance. I have always thought that collaboration & cooperation are the best ways to increase our understanding of the world. That is even more true in the nascent and growing industry of Local. I am also of the opinion that often curation by those with special expertise or focus can help everyone.

Thus I have gathered articles and view points  from a range of people, people whom I respect and who are knowledgeable about Local.  Each in their own way is a center of activity around local and each has their own particular perspective on which developments in Local over the past year were the most important. Their voices, some more prominent in the industry than others, are voices that should be listened to as they are intimate with the many different facets of local.

Here is the charge that I gave them:
Would you be willing to share the 3,5 or 10 articles that influenced your thinking or actions the most over the past year? The articles could be yours, or from others and could cover any topic that you think relates to Local ie local mobile, phones, mapping, Local VC, Local companies, Google, trends, marketing, best practices etc….but articles that you found of importance in one way or another throughout the year.

Join me, over the next weeks as we look at what others in Local have read and think important from the last year.