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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

411Locals In the Spotlight Again

In May, Linda Buquet reported on what turned out to be apparent sabotage of Places business listings by the local search firm 411Local. Here is a recent screen shot of a search in Maps still showing the Places listing defacements.

Well 411Local is back in the spotlight today. This post appeared in the Google Places Forums:

411locals is threatening to remove my places account


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Topic of your question (reviews, categories, duplicate listing, etc.):  I have been getting call from 411 locals threatening to remove my places page.
Your business name as it is in your Google Places account:ArtKat Photography
Your business type/category (e.g. photographer, hospital, etc.): Photography
URL(s) if

2 years ago I did a 1 month trial with  They got everything wrong and I cancelled after 1 month of service.  Since then I have made many updates to my places account and now, 2 years later, 411locals is calling and telling me “we have been updating your account and if you don’t sign up again we will remove it”  Since I maintain it myself, I know this is not the case, but they have my PIN so I am afraid of the damage they will do to my places page.  Any suggestions? 10/24/11