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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

hReview Testimonials from SMB Sites Starting to Show in Places

Since last October when Google noted in their FAQ that Rich Snippet testimonials might flow into a Place Page, many webmasters took the time to mark up their client’s sites in hReview.

As Andrew Shotland has recently noted and my observations have confirmed, these marked up reviews have slowly been making their way onto Places Pages from 3rd party review sites.

However none had been seen from SMB sites until very recently. Since the first of May, 3 examples of SMB website’s testimonial pages having finally shown up on their Places Page. While there are likely to be more in the wild, three examples (from myself, Andy Kuiper & Tyler Robertson) seem to indicate that going forward more are likely to occur:

Testimonial & Place Page 


Place Page Screen Shot
Sweet Carolina Cupcakes 

Place Page

Barbara Oliver Jewelry 

Place Page

Electra Hair Laser Removal 

Place Page

Disclosure: Barbara Oliver and Co Jewelry is a current client. Although I must say she is one of the best jewlers in Buffalo and if you need any jewelry you should give her a call – (716) 204-1297