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Google Local is shedding products & names almost as fast they are making them these days…they just announced the end of Tags on the Lat Long Blog. I guess I didn’t realize that it was still a trial and was under the impression that it was a real product. Silly me. From their blog:

Since that experiment began, tens of thousands of businesses have used Tags to help potential customers make easier, more informed decisions when searching. Throughout this period, we monitored Tags closely to learn more about our users’ business needs and how they used the product.

We’ve made a decision to shift our efforts toward other present and future product offerings for local businesses, and will be discontinuing this trial. To that end, we’ve now halted new signups and will be working with existing participating businesses over the coming weeks to help them meet their marketing needs with other Google products where possible.

We’ve learned a lot from our Tags trial and will take that knowledge into account as we continue to find the best ways to serve users and local businesses alike. Lastly, we want to thank all of the businesses that were part of our Tags trial, and we hope we can meet their advertising needs with one of our existing products.

I just got off the phone with Jim Prosser, Manager, Global Communications & Public Affairs and he noted that it “makes more sense to focus on other feature opportunities of more value” to the SMB. Google will be working with existing customers to migrate them to a product that better meets their advertising needs.

An email will be going out directly to current Tag advertisers shortly that will describe the alternatives available with Boost and AdWords. For the remainder of this month, Tags will be free and will show thru the end of the month. User of Tags will also be assisted to help them get any data they may want or need before the information is removed from the Dashboard.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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  1. At $25/month that is a tiny product for a business w/$8.5 in revenues for the last quarter. One thing about tags is that it moved them into direct contact w/ small businesses. They have since expanded into boost.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I understand they added about 300 sales people to their boost campaign. That is a significant size for a phone campaign. Will they continue the campaign with boost. Will they try and utilize those people into other campaigns.

    My own experience with tags was that it had a relatively low volume of clicks relative to clicks to the maps link and/or the directions page as per Google Dashboard (cr@ppy analysis product that it is.) Of course different types of tags could create different volumes of traffic.

    From a revenue perspective and from the value of putting people into Tags it couldn’t be a big payoff…while it still gave them exposure into other elements of the business world.

  2. Once they stopped allowing visits to the owner website, the product offered little of value other than a pretty flag in the listing. Its hard to say the value of the that.

    I just looked at two dashboards that had the product.
    It one dashboard it showed 110 total actions and 5 clicks on the Tag link. In the other there was 1694 actions and 27 clicks on the Tag link. Not much value in my mind for a click into places.

    Obviously it didn’t drive enough traffic or value for Google either.

    It was using up valuable front page realestate and capping the income for that real estate at $25. Imagine an “offer” at that same spot that captures 50% of the take…

  3. Well that ends one concern of mine… I guess I don’t have to worry about them hitting my credit card anymore for a places account that’s suspended or maybe I should…

  4. I personally liked the tags, and it definitely makes your listing stand out. I disagree that reviews should have any effect on rankings. Too easy to game reviews, and there are now companies who basically write bogus reviews for a fee and try and bury negative reviews (they may have written themselves), for a fee.

    Now SEO will become an underground of “vote rings” on HOTPOT. Just a bad idea to allow this. Especially knowing that competitors will write BS reviews to try and hurt their competition under fake names with no fear of being sued for defamation. EXTREMELY EVIL!

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