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Google Places Help: Instructions Included for Multi-Language Listings

Google has long noted that having the same listing in multiple languages was acceptable. If you were not extremely careful merging of the multi lingual listings might occur unless they had been bulk uploaded. Google has now updated the Places Help Pages to include instructions (if not warnings) as how to proceed:

Multi-Language Listings

In bilingual countries, it is possible to add your listing in each language spoken in that respective country.

If content of each language is very similar in only one field, such as describing ‘Most Famous Restaurant’, it’s possible to add each translation in every field. For example, use the following most famous restaurant / restaurant le plus célèbre.

If the content needs to be translated in each field, business owners should create a listing for each language. To change the language in your Places account, use the dropdown menu in the upper righthand corner of the web page.

Google Places Showing Related Places Twice On Page

This started showing up yesterday in Places… a bug? a feature? a test? an indicator of things to come? Hard to tell with Places these days…

Google Coupons Offers Now Showing in Maps List View

Slowly but surely Google coupons Offers are working their way toward the surface of Google. As Greg Sterling points out, this is one market that Google had an early start in but never capitalized on. Offers are now starting to surface in Maps List View.

TechCrunch recently reported has reached the $ Billion dollar level in coupons printed. …. whether Google can play in the coupon area or needs to buy someone is unclear. What is clear is that Google obviously recognizes their importance to local marketing

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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10 thoughts on “Google Places Odds and Ends”

  1. Might also help Google’s Place Page ctr from the organo-local listings if offers are sprinkled into those results as well. Although, with the inclusion of 3rd party review sites in the organo-locals, it isn’t so clear that Google is focused so much on ctr to the Place Page as on the comprehensiveness of the listings.

    In any case, it’s refreshing to see offers gaining buoyancy and surfacing up closer and closer to the end users’ browsing experience.

    An interesting idea to incentivize review writing might be “exclusive” offers through hotpot that are only available to users the leave a review. There are just so many directions Google can take with offers, none of which they seem to be interested in taking at this time. It’s kind of baffling.

  2. @Yaro

    I agree, surfacing coupons in the Places search would be a huge push for coupons. Who knows what Google is waiting for… clearly it could monetized in a number of ways if they so chose or it could be used to drive traffic back to Places… either way Google would benefit so their lethargy is/has been inexplicable.

  3. More odd’s and end’s.

    I’m seeing the upper right side of results page displaying “Searches related to”. Again, they (Google) really want users to click on what they think is related, similar to or: we think you really mean this!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    I love my family & all but the ever changing layout on the SERP is making me hungry for more searching.

    Now (only visible on Chrome w/XP), I’m seeing:

    3 ad’s on top followed by 3 organic listings, a 7-Pack of local listings, and 3 ad’s on the bottom. To the right, I’m seeing (8) searches related to (my search) and the floating map below.

    Anyone else? If my memory serves me correctly, holidays seem to be a testing day for the god’s.

  5. It is nice to see that Google finally makes a clear statement about multi-language listings. How ever i still have one question, does anyone knows if you can do multi-language listings using several languages that are not spoken in that country?

    For example if I have a hotel in NY and i want to list it in French, German, Spanish, etc. to attrack customers from different nations.

    Thanksin advance

  6. Here are some Google Places Odds and Ends for you.

    1. Have a problem w/ one of my places accts and reported it in the G Places Forum: I noted what a fruitful and active place it is in this fashion:

    A number of smb’s w/ ongoing never ending problems directed their questions directly to you…and didn’t even bother addressing Google. Is that unbelievable? That place is the essence of non service.

    OTOH, they really should pay you.

    All of which made me think of the following current event and the quick responsiveness of the Google “customer service team”.

    Jim Morrison was just pardoned for indecent exposure from a case dating back to 1969. Okay….so who is more responsive….the pardon process in Florida or the Google “Customer Service” Team???

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