A Reason Not to Move to Canada?

Since starting blogging I have made a number of very good friends and often times get to meet these folks in person. The other benefit (?) is that I occasionally receive unsolicited gifts in the mail. Google sent me a very cool Nexus Phone and a coffee mug. Once I even got a box of 40 count potatoes (the source of all potato jokes… how big was it?…) from your favorite Idaho internet marketer.

Today, in the mail, this Mountie Hat showed up. Obviously a Canuck reader was trying to convince me that while there are possibly good reasons to move to Canada there are also reasons not to. To see why ….



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A Reason Not to Move to Canada? by

13 thoughts on “A Reason Not to Move to Canada?”

  1. LOL!

    Mike….your help in getting my own head “around” this blogging thingy, coupled with your “professorial” style of show/teach/research/learn has been a godsend.

    Thanks….and as my blog’s poll indicated, your own “Loco-Organic” title for the new google PlaceSearch carried the day…may it forever be known as exactly that!

    …sigh…course, knowing Google, they’ll change the whole dang playing field again next week….and we’ve gotta shift in response once more…



    PS as an honorary Canuck, you are allowed to wear your new Mountie hat at any time in the US….course, at the border you’ll be asked to show same eh! 🙂 🙂

  2. @Miriam…which would mean then that he’d be wearing it whenever he’d be drinking a Genesse beer and thinking about a Molsons!

    as a side note, I see that your own term “Integrated Google Local Results” came second….while that’s a mouthful, it’s also apt too!

    I’m still looking for that Moose meat roast somewhere in the bottom of the freezer…so dang much beaver in there I can’t get by all that frozen fur, eh!



  3. That is a nice and generous hat and gift, Jim. I’m a bit surprised the hat didn’t come w/ a button for the 3 stooges.

    Still a very generous gift!!!

  4. @earl….

    yuk…yuk….yuk….sheesh…Mike’s earned this over the past 12 months honestly….

    hey…is that Moose meat I see?

    nah…sigh…I wonder where that dang 73# roast went anyways….



    PS it’s TGIF day at least….there’s a Shiraz on the horizon I’ve been ‘bogarting’ for I think 2 years….tonite Penfolds…tonite you’re mine!

  5. Hahaha! I saw the picture right after I read the post title and literally began laughing out loud. But not at you….with you. At least it wasn’t a picture of you with a huge potato strapped on your head!

  6. @Mike….potato…strapped to the cranium….hmmmm…dunno if Mike would actually “qualify for a Prince Edward Islander”… but yeah the mere thought of Mike, with a big island red strapped on and peering into his new iPhone4 would be special….

    @Mary….didn’t know….but up here in cancukland….there’s only one size of Mountie hat…..cause our canuck brains are all about the same size….I mean really, look at Maple Leaf fans, down-easters and yup, the final habitat for the children of the 60’s….the BC islands….we ALL wear the same size….



  7. Well, the hat looks great and a free gift is a free gift! I’m sure there are many good reasons to move to Canada, but the headwear might not be one of them…

    Kind regards,


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