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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Google LBC: Data Rich Dashboard Fails at Math (amongst other things)

Google’s Data Rich Dashboard has always provided tantalizing glimpses of how your business listing is performing at Google. Details enough to get a sense that it is either working or not but not enough to really plan an effective marketing campaign. The biggest complaint has been the lack of detail about searches in the “other” category with the lack of the actual search phrase being used being a close second.

Now though it appears that there is additional reason to complain; it can’t count days! Here are several screen shots:

Selecting last 30 days link show only 25 days in the chart:

Picture 26

Selecting last 30 days link show only 24 days in the chart:

Picture 24

Selecting the last 7 days link shows only 5 days in the chart:

Picture 23

This sort of math, while a likely artifact of the low frequency of data updates to the local data, does not instill confidence in the ability of Google to provide reliable or timely information. If they plan on updating the data less than every day then the reporting out function & interface should reflect that fact rather than provide such odd results.