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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Google Maps Adds UGC Feedback to Front Page Display of the OneBox

Whether this upgrade to the display of the Authoritative OneBox is a test or permanent is not yet clear but Google is now offering up to the searcher the ability to confirm the accuracy of a businesses listing information.


It is not clear how this information will be used by Google as the option is available on both claimed and unclaimed listings. What level of trust will be placed in this information? Will listings be pulled if too many people contest the accuracy? Will the LBC owner of a listing be notified of the notation?

There are usability issues with the new capability. As one reader pointed out to me

Also, the phrasing is ambiguous…the call to action is, “Is this accurate?”, but yet when you click on it, it reads “This address, phone number, map or business info is not accurate. Confirm. Cancel.” Not sure why it reads ‘not accurate’. Either they should remove the word ‘not’, and follow with ‘Yes’, ‘No’, ‘Cancel’ – OR, change the call to action to read “Is this inaccurate?”

These Google product folks need to brush up on their User Experience skills.