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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Local Links of Interest

Land Grab: Google Expands Real Estate Listings. Matt McGee, SearchEngineLand.

While this feature is new for Australia, it is only a minor change in real estate presentation in the US. To some extent, it is a lower profile for real estate than it has been over the past few years and it is still relatively hidden in Maps. For much of 2007 and well into 2008, Google offered up the real estate Googlebase Onebox on the main search results page. In May of 2008 Google added the real estate refinement to Maps so this recent change in Australia really only adds a link on the main Maps page to the real estate search that is 2 clicks away from the main search results page. If you search on real estate + your city there is no indication that a real estate search still exists.

Apple may add micro projectors to iPhones, iPod touches – Sam Oliver/AppleInsider

With the storage capacities of iPhones and iPod touches on the rise, consumers are likely to begin carrying more and more of their digital video content on the devices, and could soon have the capability to project those videos for friends and family just about anywhere.

More and more functionality will be crammed into our pocket and lend itself to the always connected trend.

Video Chatting at 35,000 Feet Works Pretty Darn Well – Steve Rubel, Steve Rubel Lifestream

Well if we can now Video Chat at 35,000 I guess we are connected all the time.

MapQuest 4 Mobile on iPhone Updated to 1.0.2 – Mapquest Blog

The Mapquest 4 Mobile app for the iPhone is the next best thing to turn by turn directions and has recently been upgraded with better integration into iPhone address book and additional monetization avenues.

  1. New Address Book integration! Easily plot any address from your iPhone’s address book onto a MapQuest 4 Mobile map and get directions to that address.
  2. 13 new branded place widgets that include: Chili’s(R), Citibank(R), Comfort Inn(R), Embassy Suites(R), FedEx(R), Home Depot(R), HSBC(R), Interstate Batteries(R), Kohl’s(R), Papa John’s(R), Quality Inn(R), Sears(R), and Wendy’s(R).