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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Verification Pin or Pain? Does Phone Verification Work for You?

Recently David Mihm had a very insightful piece on problems with Google Maps, quality, security, complexity and the LBC. One of his criticisms revolved around the phone verification process. He noted:

As if the verification process weren’t cumbersome enough, the exact “flow” of Google’s automated phone message leaves many business owners thinking “What do I do next?”  I haven’t helped a client claim a listing since Google changed PIN entry from touchtone to web last week, but prior to that shift, it was a very poorly constructed message which ended without any confirmation that it had actually worked.  

Another issue–what about phone numbers that ring to an automated central answering center, as in “Thank you for calling Joe’s Plumbing.  Press 1 for Joe, 2 for Sally, 3 for Irene,” etc.?   There’s no reason for that business to have to fight through the postcard verification process.

I would love to hear your experiences and frustrations with the PIN system both old and new. Here is a report back from Joan Van Hilten an operations manager working with Map listings with her details of trying to get pin approval under the new method.

Hi – Well so far I’m batting 500 ( I think that’s the right terminology)  I’ve tried unsuccessfully 4 times to use the new and improved PIN verification process. ….

Each time the number has been deemed invalid. Another time (as in just 20 minutes ago)  it failed again.

Me:  Okay Ms Client. Google will be calling you with a PIN number.  Take note of it and let me know what it is.  I’ll enter it into the Business Centre and your listing will be verified. 

Ms Client: When will Google be calling?  

Me: Right now. 

Ms Client :  Okay the PIN is 18*** 

Me:  Thank you – you PIN is invalid. Shall we try again? 

Ms Client : Yes certainly. 

Me: Google is calling you now. 

Ms Client: The PIN is 57*** 

Me: Oh dear the Business Centre isn’t allowing me the option to enter that PIN code in. It’s only allowing me to send a Post Card. 

Google may be experiencing a few hiccups right now as they are upgrading with the reporting view (yippee) however; it’s really putting a cramp in my professionalism when it kacks out on me like that. It’s so embarassing. 
Where do you look? What do you say?  

When I tried on Friday – the same thing – the PIN was invalid and when I tried to enter it – then when I initated another call – it spawned a second call and then shut me down – only allowed a Post Card. 

I hope whatever bugs there are it works a bit better.  

I hate to keep having to make apologies on Google’s behalf.