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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Local Links of Interest

Leveraging Small Business Customer Reviews and Testimonials Online – Steven Brier

Great summary of all the reasons customer testimonials should be an integrated part of your customer relations strategy and how to make it so.

Microsoft GeoSynth to take on Google Street View – Stuart Miles,

Although not due to be launched until later in the year, this appears to be a story about vaporware but it is cool none the less. Virtual Earth utilizes some impressive technology and when combined with Photosynth could offer some intriguing possibilities as an alternative to StreetView.

Called GeoSynth, the service will be based on the company’s PhotoSynth technology and takes into account geographical data within images.

Users will be able to upload geotagged images into a central database to help build detailed larger images of a given landmark in a similar way to how the company’s PhotoSynth software works.

Three-Quarters of the World’s Messages Sent by Mobile


It gives a sense of just how big the mobile world is if 3/4’s of the world’s digital messages (including spam?) are sent via mobile.