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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

IYP Directory Scam Alert: – More YellowPages, Inc

I received not one but three calls during the last week of January asking to confirm my listing for the Yellow Pages. Each time, the call attendant would assure me that I was NOT approving any charges as they talked over a computer response system. On the third call, I asked why they needed to call me 3 times and the Supervisor noted that the two previous attendants were not as experienced as he…(now I know at what). Apparently on the their third attempt, I did, unwittingly, approve a $39.95 charge to my monthly phone bill. I just received the written confirmation in the mail today.

For my (unauthorized) $39.95/mo here is what I get:
Online Internet Yellow Page Listings – your business will be listed in over 40 directories
Enhanced Listing – Nation Online take your basic listing and supercharges it.
Search Engine Submission – As part of our program we submit your Website (or our local profile page…) to over 35 major search engines…
Local Listing Portal – Easily update your internet Yellow Page listing in minutes with our secure online link. …

Their local Better Business Bureau offers up a rating of D on – More YellowPages, Inc with this report:

Complaint Experience

Our file contains a pattern of complaints from consumers who allege they were contacted by this company and told “we are updating our records for the Yellow pages, and need to verify we have the correct information” Consumers state they were led to believe they were talking to thier current Yellow Page provider and were just verifying the address. During the verification process consumers state they can hear a recording in the background that they are unable to understand. Consumers state they are then charged an additional fee on their phone bill of $39.95, which they did not approve. The company responds to complaints by cancelling their agreement or an explanation of their sales process.

Well More YellowPages, Inc is nothing if not persistent. I guess you need to be if your business plan is predicated on this premise.