Locai 2008- Miriam Ellis – Most Important Search Pieces in 2008

Miriam Ellis, along with her husband, operates  Solas Web Design, a web design & local seo company focusing on the small business marketplace. She writes frequently on small business issues at her blog, SEO Igloo. When she isn’t writing on her blog or commenting here, you will also find her guest blogging, moderating  and writing at: Search Engine Guide, Cre8tive Flow, 14th Colony and The Conscientious Home. Dang, no wonder I have never met her in person. 🙂


Here we go, Mike:

In my opinion, these are the two most important local search pieces published in 2008:



These two articles stand out in my mind as having been especially engaging:



I know there are a ton of other articles I’ve really enjoyed, but my memory tends to hinge more on writers I’ve come to admire, rather than on specific pieces they’ve published. Over time, I’ve learned which authors publish work that most appeals to me, and I return to them again and again. 

I will read anything written by you, Mike, by Greg Sterling, David Mihm or Matt McGee. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Martijn Beijk a bit this year. I’m excited about Matt’s hyperlocal blog and have closely followed the Local and Small is Beautiful columns at Search Engine Land in 2008. 

What I would love to see in 2009 is a focus from some of these great folks on how-to local articles and further case studies of successful small businesses. These are the topics that engage my interest most and I’ll put anyone in my feedreader who is writing about them!

Miriam Ellis

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Locai 2008- Miriam Ellis - Most Important Search Pieces in 2008 by

4 thoughts on “Locai 2008- Miriam Ellis – Most Important Search Pieces in 2008”

  1. Hey Dave!
    I haven’t seen you in a bit. Nice to see your screen name in the neighborhood.

    Yes, case studies are so much fun to read. Mike’s recent one on the Sewing Machine/Vacuum store was riveting. On our blog, I like to document design before-and-afters when we complete them, and I think that’s fun, but I think it’s even more interesting when you get to read about the efforts small business owners are making to promote themselves. It can be really helpful when you are approached by similar businesses to have read a bit about an SMBs approach to their industry and their customers. And, I just always find myself cheering them on.

    Mike –
    My Loci list was so short compared to everyone else’s, but I really do tend to remember people better than posts for some reason. However, reading other people’s Loci lists reminded me of many of the posts I enjoyed most over the year. David’s ‘Citations Are The New Links’ was a bit of a landmark, wasn’t it? I confess, I forgot about it until one of your interviewees linked to it and then I said, “oh, yes, that was important!”

    I hope I didn’t overlook anyone. Really, I appreciate anyone who writes about Local. Local folks are a great bunch.


  2. Miriam

    It seemed plenty long to me. For me it was as much fun to see how many links and how the reports were formatted as it was to see the specific articles. I tried as much as possible to capture the layout as it was sent to me….All in all, I really enjoyed myself.


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