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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Would you get marriage counseling from this woman?


A Local 10 Pack in Google Maps is a coveted position for any business. I am always fascinated by the lengths and lack of discretion (think Boob Job San Diego) in attempting to game the system. 

This listing though, has got to take the cake for best effort. Interestingly, she showed in at least 8 10 Packs for her 12 various activities.



Fortunately she did not show up for either psychotherapist or marriage counselor with a 10 Pack. It is not clear to me that this would be the woman you want helping others to make those sorts of life decisions. Seems that it would take a touch more decisiveness.

I am not sure this is the longest business name in Maps but it sure must come close. Her business name has 210 characters. I wonder how she answers the phone?

So to start off the new year, I am offering any reader that submits a longer, more outrageous or more keyword stuffed business name that you find in Google Maps a very cool, Rubber Chicken Keychain that actually simulates laying an egg upon squeezing. There can be more than one winner and I will be the final judge of all entries. So act quickly so you don’t miss out on this demonstration of how Google manages to get us to modify our behaviors.