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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

TIVO Delivers: Local Ads

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Tivo was now offering up the ability to order a Domino’s Pizza from your couch. Apparently the pizza offer pops up if you fast forward thru a Domino’s advertisement (that will teach you).

You can choose pickup or home delivery via a simple pop up screen. If you can convince the delivery man to hand the pizza through your living room window, there will be no need to step off of the couch prior to devouring your snack. 

Last February, after seeing the AppleTV2 at MacWorld, I noted that Apple had the perfect local ad delivery system in place. It struck me that Apple already had all of the elements in AppleTV2 that would make for compelling local ad delivery: location awareness, attentive audience, knowledge about tastes & interests, a credit card on hand (just one click away), demographic information and a recent patent filing for delivering contextual advertising.

Seems Tivo has beaten them to the  the pizza.