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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Android Market goes live

Greg Sterling reports on SEL that the G1 Arrives, So Does Android Market. It marks the second inning in the game of mobile search uptake and promises to open up the market for end users and developers. These are exciting times for mobile search. The development of powerful hand held mobile computing devices with a choice of software, like the iPhone and the G1, will put that power into the hands of many, many users.

Of more interest to me though, is the difference in philosophy between the Apple Apps Store and the Android Market and how that will impact uptake. Google’s choice is for a totally open market place while Apple’s is for a more controlled user experience. Greg notes: ..unlike Apple, there will be no quality control in the Android Market other than the community, which will be able to rate/review the apps.

This openness in the Android Market is much like Google’s approach to local listings. They have faith that the market will self manage or if it doesn’t that the benefits (to them) outweigh the downsides. Markets, as we have seen recently, are not totally rational.

That certainly seems to be the case in the Local Listing arena where greed overwhelms the common space making many search listings almost useless. When money is involved and there is little accountability, we humans have an amazing propensity to “game” the system. Once the profit opportunities become apparent in the Android Market, given its openness, much the same is likely to happen. It will be exciting to watch and frustrating to be a part of.

What do you think Android MarketSpam will look like?