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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Local Links of Interest

Piper Jaffray: 8% of teens own an iPhone, 22% will – 16th Semi-Annual Piper Jaffray ‘Taking Stock With Teens’ Study

In addition, 8 percent of students indicate they own an Apple iPhone (up from 3 percent in fall 2007), while 22 percent of students expect to buy an iPhone in the next 6 months (up from 9 percent in the prior survey).

Search Data Reveals Opportunities and Overlaps for Chase and WaMu – Heather Hopkins, Hitwise

This isn’t just an opportunity for Chase. Imagine the work for some enterprising Local SEM? WaMu has somewhere on the order of 950 branches listed in Google Maps that minimally need a name change. Imagine getting all of the ancillary iyp’s and errant internet info squared away

Google on Android: Maps – David Conway, Product Manager, Android Team,

When we designed Google Maps for the T-Mobile G1, we set out to create a great mapping application that took full advantage of the G1’s hardware, like the touch screen, accelerometer, and GPS, as well as the deep system integration made possible by the Android platform.

Salient points from his post:

•as I wander the city, I can search for nearby businesses (like restaurants), and use Android’s integrated Map features to save search results to my contacts.
•Maps is also integrated with email, IM, and the web on Android. For instance, street addresses that appear as plain text in these apps become touchable zones that you can click on to take you straight to Maps.
•most of the resources, flexibility, and functionality in Google Maps are available to any application written for Android.

Google Maps for mobile Updates! – Maps Guide Tom, Google Maps for Mobile

Map Data disparities with the desktop version of Google Maps – In terms of updates to map data, imagery and road data is first deployed to the desktop version, and is then disseminated to other Google Products that use map imagery. This includes Google Maps for mobile. In terms of timing, it can vary, but generally it may be several weeks before new imagery you see at gets updated to your mobile phone.

New Satellite Imagery Galore Coming – Frank Taylor, Google Earth Blog

Wow, you just have to take a look at the first of these new images from the GeoEye satellite that Google will soon be using.