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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Yahoo! Maps Updated

From the Yahoo Geo Blog:

We’re proud to introduce a new version of Yahoo! Maps, which includes an update to Yahoo! Local Search integration, usability, and Print Page improvements.

These past few months we’ve focused on improving the usability of Yahoo! Maps, and some of the modifications we encourage you to try include:

  • Improved Local Search integration that utilizes the Search/Direct Display Index
  • More user-friendly Driving Directions – a more user-friendly left rail that’s both wider and more legible (larger text), for easier reading of driving directions
  • A redesigned Print Page
  • The ability to minimize multiple driving direction instructions to save vertical space
  • The ability to display inline turn-by-turn images for each driving direction segment
  • An Interactive Print Page Map
  • Users can now select from a variety map views (full route, full route + finish, full route + start + finish)
  • Drag/Pan/zoom functionality for print page maps
  • Interactivity between Points of Interest (POIs) and Map view; minimized POIs are removed from the map view
  • Improved POIs – with ability to minimize/collapse multiple POIS to maximize viewing area

Looks like they are taking a play out of the Google play book. If it increases visibility of Yahoo Local, 3 cheers! Perhaps the announcement of Click and drag to adjust your route is in response to the many complaints that Google is experiencing over their Maps Update and the lack of direction reordering in the new interface.

By the way, the standard 2 field, 3 tab interface with classic directions and reordering can still be access via the Text View Option.