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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Indian IT Firm outsources Local US Mapspam to itself

I frequently check my own record for Web Hosting Olean NY in Google Maps and when it popped up with this one box result my eyebrows raised a tad to see a new web hosting firm located at Vidhyapati St in Olean.

Olean, while it may have a number of Asian and Indian residents, typically has streets named after US Presidents, classic American Trees and the original thirteen states.

I found even more irony in Google’s claim that the “placement on the Map is approximate” (I’ll say):

Upon a little investigation it become obvious that Olean wasn’t the only market that was targeting, with over 2,000 listings in the US at 307 Vidhyapati St (which just happened to be the same address as listed in their Whois record in Indore, India ) in one town or another:

I had recently decided that since Google had posted their mapspam reporting tool, I would limit my mapspam reporting. This case is so rich in irony, that I couldn’t resist. This is one IT outsourcing firm that gets the job done!