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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Google Maps – Avoid being delisted

Today in the Google Maps for Business Group, Maps Guide Tom reconfirmed that Google had in fact fixed the missing record bug. He was writing in response to the numerous posts that records seemed to be still missing. Most records aren’t in fact missing rather they just don’t show in the Local 10-Pack, the users don’t know how to find them or they are in new record delay hell.

But it appears that some have been delisted by Google for using one of the address lines in the record for descriptive info instead of real address information:

TOPIC: Business Listing Disappearances

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Date: Fri, May 2 2008 9:56 am
From: Maps Guide Tom

Hi all,

I’ve noticed many of you are reporting that your active business
listings are disappearing from display on Google Maps. In regards to
the post I wrote back in February, that issue has been resolved, and
listings are no longer disappearing from Maps!

……Also, I’ve noticed that many of the issues you guys are reporting have
a common theme.

Please remember to include ONLY address information in
“Address Line 1” and “Address Line 2” when you’re creating or editing
your listing from within the Local Business Center. If you put a
business description, or name, or anything that’s not an address in
either of the address fields, your listing may not display on Google
Maps. (my bold)