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Is iPhone Demand Fading or is ATT Failing?

At LocalMobileSearch, Greg Sterling raised the question: Is iPhone Demand Fading?

I am not sure but if my experience is any indication it is more likely ATT shooting themselves in the foot.

I went to an ATT store yesterday with a small business person who wanted to buy 3 iPhones. He was willing & ready to spend $1200 and increase his monthly fee by $80/month. He was very anxious to walk out of the store with his new iPhones. He percieved owning them as a safety issue for his attorney wife who travels a great deal on rural roads and wanted weather advisories.

Problem was that the place was so busy, they could not get to us for almost 30 minutes. While we waited we attempted to play with the phone but its internet connection wouldn’t function. While we were handling the phone, we inadvertently triggered their alarm. We were visited by a sales person at that point but he couldn’t stay.

When we finally did get to a sales person, they could not compare current plan costs with iPhone plan costs since the spouse had not put him on the “approved list” for such a conversation nor would they allow him  to switch plans.

So while I perceive that demand is strong (this fellow who wanted to buy 3 is a main stream consumer), it appeared to me that ATT (at least in this store) was not up to the task of taking his money.