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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Apple and the age of mobile computing

macair.jpgWith MacWorld today, Apple rolled out another leg of their mobile strategy with the new Macbook Air. You can read my summary of Job’s keynote at SEL. Mobile computing is taking on a number of new forms – phone, music player. Apple with their newly introduced computer are trying to sneak mobile in as a tiny fully functional computer. As the woman whose hands show in the photo says: “Its no thicker than my wedding ring, I should have asked my new husband for one of these instead.”

Google also had a big booth at MacWorld and was very busy promoting Google Earth and Maps for Mobile (as well as their Mac Apps and YouTube). Half of their booth was dedicated to geographic search tools and Google staffed the booths with knowledegable and high level staff. But alas they are hopefully going to get back to me on some details about