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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Google Maps: LBC Coupon Bug?

This Google Local Business center coupon bug was reported today in Google Maps for Business Group. I have not verified this but there have been a number of reports of coupon problems.

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Date: Mon, Dec 24 2007 7:50 am
From: The Refinisher

I asked a similar question yesterday. See this link to my

I found out that if you do not choose an expiration date for your coupon, then it will work. It is a Google Bug. I know this is not the
answer you are looking for, but it is all I could find. I had to manually add my own expiration date on my coupon.

On Dec 23, 11:21 am, “t…”
> How do you get the coupon to show up on your business map?
> What I did or tried;
> 1). I went here
> 2). Clicked on the coupon tab, filled in all required fields, pressed
> continue at the bottom.
> 3). Read all the Editorial Guidelines.
> And it still dosn’t show up in MY Local Business Center, Locations
> Control Panel.
> Thanks