Local Search not the be all and end all

Today I received a communication from a reader reporting that he was surprised that his organic “long tale search using local phrases” (i.e. service + locationpage optimization) were still producing solid results for hist website. He said “Actually surprised me.  I figured the one box would have a more dampening effect……and it may have…but this traffic is still strong.

My response: I have never felt that a Local specific Campaign could have more than a very limited overall impact on any business that has regional appeal as you can optimize for so few terms and locations (a design flaw in the algos?)….you use local to get high rankings for your bricks & mortar location and you use longtail for all of the regional variations and markets that you serve…that has been the best bet and continues to be.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Local Search not the be all and end all by

One thought on “Local Search not the be all and end all”

  1. Mike:
    We possibly spoke/emailed TOO SOON. Today, for the first time ever, I saw the onebox/ gmaps algos showing at the top of organic searches for queries with state names; ie. Pennsylvania Engineering schools.

    Boom!! All of a sudden the onebox is becoming more regional in nature.

    Now it still has a number of the weaknesses we discussed (unless they are also changing –as we speak/email)–it doesn’t cover all variations (long tail phrases) of a business term being one such difference between G maps and G organic search.

    Still it appears G must be very pleased with its application to date, despite complaints and weaknesses. They are spreading its usage in a dramatic way.

    What a surprise!!

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