Google’s Click to Call coming soon to an ad near you?

In late April (I am still catching up on my reading), Bill Slawsky covered a recent patent application by Google: Exploring Click and Pay to Call (CPTC) Google Phone Ads. It was as interesting for what Google has already implemented as well as what they might implement. Clearly (as you can see from the image below), large parts of the technology have already been deployed in their Google Maps Click to Call feature

Like many of Google’s technologies, this one sits in a sort of limbo; cool, potentially high impact but unpromoted and hidden from most users. This is a technology to could drive significant small business use of Google Adwords particularly in the local sphere as the result would be something tangible that every small business owner understands: a telephone call. Perhaps the patent filing portends a wider roll for the technology.


Comparison of patent filing with Google Maps image

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Google's Click to Call coming soon to an ad near you? by

3 thoughts on “Google’s Click to Call coming soon to an ad near you?”

  1. Nice side-by-side comparison, Mike.

    I do think that many business owners are more comfortable with being called then with having potential clients sent to a web site.

    Also, this kind of advertising can be done even if a business doesn’t have a web site.

    The lack of promotion does bother me some though. Is it time for Google to put together some more informative pages aimed at promoting many of their different advertising options? It really isn’t very easy at all to find out about CPTC in their advertising area.

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