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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

877-520-FIND (Goog 411)

Greg Sterling found an ad today for 877-520-FIND that took him to He looked for but couldn’t find any ownership information. Other than a reference to LanLogic on the terms of use page.

While the facts of ownership may be cloudy, there are several things that are clear:

1)The service works very well. I tested it with 7 calls this morning and only ran into problems on one business name (and no place names) out of the seven attempts and that was the try with the radio blaring. I have started using it instead of my contact directory which can be distracting when driving down the road.

2)It definitely uses the Google Maps local data set. I have optimized the business titles for several local businesses in the Google Local Business Center and those titles are listed in 520-FIND verbatim.

If you haven’t tried the service yet, you should. It demonstrates how local data is quickly being pushed out into the world.