Google Adds Q & A Notification Option to GMB

Google has added (or has the intention to add) direct notifications of new questions appearing on the Knowledge Panel of local businesses. The option (pre-selected) is available in the settings preferences panel for any location.

That being said, I have the settings on but I have yet to receive notifications of questions that are being asked. Perhaps the setting is in anticipation of sending out alerts.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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23 thoughts on “Google Adds Q & A Notification Option to GMB”

  1. Mike, have you tested it by having someone else (not logged in as owner/mgr of the GMB page) post a question?

    This would be a great feature. Another good feature would be to allow posts to be scheduled or allow posting from another platform. (Great share, BTW.)

  2. I did do that. I logged in as different persona, left a question. Neither the owner (that I know of) not the manager (me) got an alert.

  3. Yes exactly blumenthals ! even i also observed this few days back its but i hope this works in good way not like someone gives poor feedback rating without being customer of business.

    And obviously not putting wrong questions… hahaha

  4. I see the setting on my desktop GMB panel (and that it is selected) but notice it is not in the app yet. Several pages that I manage have gotten questions in the last week but neither I nor the page owners received any notification.

  5. Despite of the Google typical delay Gary mentioned, I’m thinking about the SEO-possibilities in that update. That would be a nice Topic for some small research!
    What do you, as GMB & Local Search Expert think? Will Google prefer GMB Q&A Stuff in the SERPs?

  6. So is this something you encourage or link to on your site to get customers asking questions? I know Google loves when you use their products. Should we put a link on a page to direct them there?

  7. So is this something you urge or connection to on your site to get clients making inquiries? I know Google adores when you utilize their items. Would it be advisable for us to put a connection on a page to guide them there? hmm

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