Google Adds Posts to Local Branded Search Results

Google has been expanding the branded local search results. Most recently (last November timeframe) they added an About tab that included corporate information, often a link to wikipedia or the main corporate about us page and social links Today I started seeing the inclusion of a Posts Tab in these results.

Interestingly this is NOT the long awaited multi-location posting product but rather a way to show the Posts that originated from the local agents.

In this spotted example (mobile only) the Post shown under the tab is the post from the #1 listing. None of the other listings have posts so it is still unclear what would show if other locations had posted.

Would it just show posts from the top 3?

Would it dig deeper and show posts from the top 10 listings?

Did the local listing rank #1 because of the post?

Not yet sure.

Note the Posts tab between the Locations and About tabs ABOVE the map.

Heck and who knows maybe this is a precursor the long promised, naught delivered multi-location Post product.

If you see this in the wild and can share examples with more than one post I would love to see them.

Here is what the Post looks like in the search result:

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Google Adds Posts to Local Branded Search Results by

4 thoughts on “Google Adds Posts to Local Branded Search Results”

  1. loving Google posts right now have been educating as many clients as I can to use this like thy use facebook posts.

    80% didnt even know what these were.
    Great share as always Mike

  2. I love Google posts as well and encourage clients to use them. It’s a great way to advertise workshop events, or special promotions.

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