8 thoughts on “Yahoo No Longer Showing Yelp Reviews”

  1. Whoa. Nice find, Mike.

    Of course, no business owners in their right mind will make Yahoo reviews a priority (not that most did before). Yahoo threw away their trust last year. Now he only people who will take part are business owners who will review their own businesses to shore up their average ratings – in stasis for the last 16 months.

    I wonder whether Yelp’s dysfunction played any role in this, too.

    1. @Andrew (and all)

      I noticed after I posted this that not all Yelp reviews are gone. So it could be as you say and they will return… with the lights out its hard to know if they are coming, going or if Yelp is just all screwed up… or some combination there of.

  2. Maybe Yahoo is actually testing changes and gauging reactions before committing to them. Or someone spilled coffee on their keyboard.

    I’m going with the keyboard on this one.

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