Google Places International Category Tool Now Available

Did you know that the Google category synonym “all you can eat” is associated with Chinese & Japanese restaurants in the US but only with Japanese restaurants in Australia? That and other amazing facts can be gleaned from a recent upgrade adding international categories to our Google Places Category Tool

We have finally added categories for some of the international country and language combinations available in the Google Places dashboard.

This is a work in progress and there is still addiitonal work to upgrade the interface so that it is clearer which countries the results are from and there are a country/language combos still missing. Please let us know of any other bugs or quirks you find and which countries you most would like to added next.

The new functionality is easy to access. Using the Category Search Tool, simply select the language and country from the drop down menu to change to any of the following international categories.

The countries/languages for which you can find Google Places Categories:
US English (US)
CA English (CA)
AU English (AU)
IE English (IE)
GB English (GB)
NZ English (NZ)
MX English (MX)
DK Danish (DK)
DE German (DE)
AT German (AT)
CA French (CA)
FR French (FR)
NL Dutch (NL)
NO Norwegian (NO)
BR Portuguese (BR)
PT Portuguese (PT)
RU Russian (RU)
ES Spanish (ES)
MX Spanish (MX)
SE Swedish (SE)

We have also implemented an API to access the data so let me know if you are interested in using it.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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10 thoughts on “Google Places International Category Tool Now Available”

  1. Thanks for this great tool Mike. I had a devil of a job trying to get a full listing for the UK.

    It’s very useful to demonstrate to UK prospects that the listing they previously claimed is filled with categories from the US list rather than the UK one. Although ironically, “store” (US – as in ‘furniture store’) often gets more local search volume than “shop” (UK – as in ‘furniture shop’).

  2. @mike:
    well, what I meant is that when I entered a category the form is submitted and I see the results. The form however is then being reset to the default values. So if I want to do several searches in the same language (other than US) I have to select the language every time..

    Not a huge problem, but just a minor detail to ease the use a bit more 🙂

    PS: saw your email about thinking further on this tool. will surely come back to that later on.

  3. Sorry Mike, sloppy comment by me. I meant that “I had a devil of a job…” before I found your tool.

    Yes, I do use the GB list, but I put UK in the comment because people living outside this sceptred isle, might not be so familiar with the term ‘GB’.

  4. @Arjan

    Ah yes.. I am going to let it default to the previous search country… and add the country into the report so you know what you are looking at.


    Yes, the UK drop down doesn’t have categories associated with it. Not sure why.

  5. As an aside.

    Ethan Russell said last year that if I posted a request in the forum, which I did, he would arrange for a ‘request a new category’ feature so we can have some more pertinent and up to date ones in our fast changing world.

    Can anyone over the pond from me who can ‘touch’ a googler see if its ‘in the pipeline’.

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