Google Maps Goes Gooey-

Update 2/114 12:26: Google Lat Long has just announced this product.

Now that Google has finished solving all of the more difficult mapping problems in the world like routing software, and transportation and recommendation engines, they are now focusing on the more important things in life – Love. Or at least a Google proxy of it.

Thursday Google registered the domain and yesterday released an ecard product at the address that doesn’t just express what you feel, but where you feel it. On a Map.

Of course never one to let a shopping opportunity pass, after sending the Valentine ecard, Google offers up the opportunity to purchase chocolates and flowers from a near by shop.

Just in case you are still looking for that special someone in your life and the buying of chocolates is too much of a committment, they will alternatively help you find a date (via Google search of course) and then share the news via Twitter and Facebook:

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