Google Maps LBC Sending Out Monthly Stats to Wrong Businesses?

At about 1 am this morning, Danielle Kraft of Studio Kraft in NJ sent along this comment:

Hi Mike,

Oddly, this evening I received an email that was detailed for a “Google Local Business Center Updates for Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting.” I’ve received this type of email before for a business we have claimed, however, in this instance, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, have I ever claimed a business related to Maaco. This is not totally incorrect.

Glitch perhaps in their system? Very strange. The email header checked out, doesn’t appear to be spam. Sender =””

Has anyone experienced this before?



At about 3 am I received my monthly update from the Google Local Business Center for Kurlon Mattress Dealers, Home, Office, School Furniture Shop : Tk trading a company (with a very long name, hmmm) that is most definitely NOT in my LBC:

Well, Danielle, it does appear to be a fairly massive “glitch”. I am sure that you in NJ and I in upsate NY are not the only ones to get their monthly stats in this way. The only question is did every report go out to the wrong recipient?

If any of you got mine, would you let me know?

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Google Maps LBC Sending Out Monthly Stats to Wrong Businesses? by

20 thoughts on “Google Maps LBC Sending Out Monthly Stats to Wrong Businesses?”

  1. Yes, I received stats for a business I have no connection with.

    It was followed up two hours later by an apology email from Google that explained:

    “We recently sent you a version of your monthly Local Business Centre newsletter that may have contained some incorrect business listing statistics — our apologies. Shortly after sending out the email, we realized that there was a human error when putting together the content. We’re sorry about this mistake. Here you’ll find the updated, accurate statistics for your business.”

    1. @James

      Yours is the first “explanation” to have been seen…perhaps because of your european residency?

      If the email that James receive3d is right, it sounds more like an underpaid (or perhaps unpaid) intern 🙂

      It could be that just the first few batches were affected. At the Online Marketing Management post above, he saw it last night.

  2. Looking through some of my accounts, I received the correct email for one of my clients, but I believe that the data is inaccurate with 476 impressions and 412 actions in November 2009. The same data is reflected in the LBC, but then I view December and have 197 impressions and 268 actions. At least November’s information is at least possible!

  3. @Mike – Sure, just wanted to extend the conversation to other details of inaccuracies with the emails, but incorrect data being displayed in the LBC is nothing new.

  4. @Taylor

    Yes, there are enough errors in the reporting to diminish their value and the confidence that one would have in them…its too bad.

  5. Hi Mike, it looks like everyone experienced the same. Yikes! We also received a corrected email for another LBC listing a few days later.

    Thanks for the post and the information I was seeking – wasn’t sure if my eyes were deceiving me at first! 😉


  6. A web acquaintance of mine recently received analytical type marketing material with stats for my website instead of hers. It was stats on how well my google images were doing in rankings. How they got her contact info I have no clue. Its very strange and very annoying. i don’t know if this is related however since it was NOT google who sent this info but another company who offers tools that use analytics from google to better people’s seo

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