Google Maps: Video can now be added in Local Business Center

Steve Espinosa has noted on his blog that Maps is now supporting the option of adding a video to your business record in the Local Business Center. The feature is now live.

The process of adding a video is similar to adding a photo. The business is allowed to display up to 5 videos in their Maps record and once they are added in the LBC, they show up immediately in the Map record. Interestingly they display before the photos.

Maps Record Screenshot:


Local Business Center Add Video Screenshot:


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Google Maps: Video can now be added in Local Business Center by

6 thoughts on “Google Maps: Video can now be added in Local Business Center”

  1. hmm. I tried it out.
    I can add the video’s in the LBC (although the tab heading still says ‘photos’ not ‘photos & videos’). It does say the video is ‘approved’. However, they don’t appear instantly, neither in .com or some european versions of google maps.
    So it seems that it’s not available just yet in Europe, but will be really soon.

    I was wondering. How does the video get approved? How does Google know the video really belongs to the business owner?
    Am I able to just put the URL of one of the most popular youtube video’s in there? And then wait for user moderation (“report inappropriate video”) or does the owner of the video on youtube get some sort of message that his video was linked with someones LBC account? And what are the video submission guidelines? are these more or less the same as the photo submission guidelines?

    questions questions questions!

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