Back to the Future: Google Rolling Out Business Descriptions in GMB Dashboard

Google, in going way back to the future, appears to be rolling out the ability of a business to enter a business description that appears in their Knowledge Panel.

Dave DiGregorio pointed out on Twitter that there are already help files in place.  And he shared the various screens.

Somewhere in the dim, distant and convoluted past of Google Plus Local, Google dropped the ability for a business to fill out a description field. Initially it disappeared from the Knowledge Panel and was Plus visible only and then removed all together.

GMB entry screen
View from the Dashboard
How description appears in the Knowledge Panel


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Back to the Future: Google Rolling Out Business Descriptions in GMB Dashboard by

17 thoughts on “Back to the Future: Google Rolling Out Business Descriptions in GMB Dashboard”

  1. Checking several different business categories, not showing up for businesses in the Toledo OH area. But not unusual; if others are seeing it now, we should see it in about oh…4 or 5 years. 🙂

  2. I have checked as well on a few clients here but nothing as of yet. However, as we know, Google likes to roll these things out SLOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWLY 🙂

  3. MIND = BLOWN! I have not seen this option as of yet, but I look forward to it! I wonder if it will have hyperlink capabilities like the descriptions allowed in G+. Thanks for sharing this amazing discovery Mike!

  4. I work for an agency that handles several multi-location brands. We have not seen this in any of our accounts yet.

  5. I was working with one lady’s listing a couple of days ago, and I surprised to find I could add a description.

    Bing did the description comeback thing, too. A few months back.

    Shake the tree of ingenuity, and the common sense always manages to stick around.

  6. Here in the UK this option is now available. However, it seems that the business description will also be affected by “google updates”. We wanted to test this feature with one of our clients and Google constantly applies the update and removes the description that we have added… Extremely annoying.

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