Using A Twitter Stream to Reinforce Mobile Local Branding on Google

Recently Google+ posts stopped showing up in the knowledge panel and Twitter content started showing up in real time in Google mobile searches.

The only value to an SMB of using Plus and the only reason I recommended it was that it put messaging and an image on the front page of Google search. That post conveyed a positive brand message AND pushed “people also search for” competitors below the fold on many displays. It was a once a month, easy to implement tactic where an SMB could simply cross post content from Facebook.

It would seem that Twitter content can now provide a similar and perhaps even better alternative for local businesses to push their marketing message into Branded search results on Google mobile search results. It seems like it would be a simple matter to cross post from Facebook as way to achieve some additional, controlled exposure on  a Google branded search.

Minimally it makes great sense as a way to control front page content on Google for reputation management.

I have never recommended Twitter for local before. This might be enough reason.

Your thoughts?


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Using A Twitter Stream to Reinforce Mobile Local Branding on Google by

6 thoughts on “Using A Twitter Stream to Reinforce Mobile Local Branding on Google”

  1. I’m absolutely with you here Mike, we’ve been recommending Twitter for about a month but never put much of an emphasis on it before. Google+ Has had a long slow fade from relevance. Hopefully we’ll have more data on twitters impact soon!

  2. LOL. I love that high ranking result for David Mihm!!!!!!

    I have this feeling that ALL the owners of SMB’s that want a world class local search expert, who also happen to be members of the GOP, are now going to call you instead of David!!!!!

    After reading the article, I went to my twitter feed’s for a couple of accts and referenced some different smb’s in the various feeds.

    When I searched for the smb’s by name the link to the twitter feed was showing on the first page in some but not all of the searches. Currently what I’m seeing in general search is a link to the twitter acct, but not a link to the last tweet. (which in the case of Mr. Mihm, might be a good thing. 😉

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